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A Youtube for politicians

Posted in Ideas with tags , , on September 7, 2008 by alessandrovalente

What about an Youtube site only for politicians? 

An unbiased space on the Internet where politicians debate topic’s with eachother by uploading their own online video’s. It will result in a large amount of video debates, consisting of strings of video’s from politicians reacting to each other. The public can then find their way through these video-debates, organised by topic, politician, political party, popularity and rating, to help make up their mind on who to vote. The public will not have acess to upload video’s, but will be able to give feedback on the video’s by typing text comments.

This could be considered the Internet version of the traditional television debates during election periods.

Added value of this project for the public would be:

1. Be able to watch political debates on demand that interest you most.
2. Be able to give your feedback on the discussed subjects.
3. More content of a more diverse nature then what we are used to on television.  To help make decide who you want to vote for.

For the politicians:

1. Time to think and research before stating arguments, unlike on a television debate where politicians  would have to react instantly from off the top of their heads. This could bring the quality of the discussions and statements to a higher level.

2. Total control of the production of the audio visual material on wich the politician appears.

3. Direct feedback from the public.

4. Ablility to adress topics who are deemed not worthy of television time.